A mighty caring effort at One Mighty Mill!

Northeast Grainshed Member, One Mighty Mill has been stepping it up a notch in response to the current events. In addition to providing discounts for health-care workers and first-responders they are also offering their delicious and nutritious bagels on-line, and giving away free bagels – safely wrapped in individual packs – for folks passing by their Lynn storefront. Read their story….below.

“Like all of you, we don’t know what the bleep to do from one minute to the next. We are constantly examining and agonizing over each decision we make as a company to balance our mission – getting fresh stone-milled wheat into as many bellies and kitchens as possible – with the dire imperative to minimize physical contact with the community that we care so deeply about. Really really weird. But everything is weird right now. ⁣

That is the backdrop to our decision to temporarily close our Lynn cafe to the public starting tomorrow Friday, March 20. It sucks. The thing we most enjoy about our day – welcoming folks into our Lynn mill – doesn’t feel like the right thing for the public nor for our employees; at least for the next week or two.⁣

We are going to continue production for our grocery stores partners and for you if you’d like to order our retail packaged products online at our website.

𝐏𝐒: Those folks that do come by the mill over the next while by happenstance will find little bags of individual plain bagels at our front door – no charge. We don’t want anyone without right now.

The timing of this is awkward since we know that bagels are trivial compared to what we’re dealing with.

But, over the last few days, we’ve received a spike in online orders for pretzels and flour. Since we know that folks are holed up in their homes and still need to eat healthy, we’ve decided to also make our fresh-milled bagels available online at our website too. (Since they’ll arrive in 2 days, our bagels will hold up to 5 days at room temp once they get to you or you can park them in the freezer for up to 6 months.)

Hit the link below and you can get our bagels delivered right from our mill to your door. (Also, please let us know if you’re a first responder working in hospitals or health centers and you’ll get a discount on all of our fresh-milled food. Just DM us and Mateo will send you a code.)

Again, we post this feeling like it’s inappropriate to share anything other than words of support and encouragement right now. So, we send love, healing, and encouragement to take care of yourself and each other. Together, we are mighty and as a community, we’ll make it through this difficult time.”

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