SQFT Project Tutorials & Calculators

Welcome to the SQFT Project!

The SQFT project creates a connection between Northeast farmland and our local beer, bread, and spirits. This project includes an educational tool (SQFT calculators) along with a certified logo, with a mission to bridge the gap in consumer awareness of  Northeast grain farmland. Our SQFT calculators assess the ingredients of craft grain beverages and bread, generating figures that represent the square footage of farmland involved in making each product.

Bakers Calculator Tutorial

Bakers Calculator

Here is the square feet of grain per baked item:

Brewers Calculator Tutorial

Brewers Calculator

For your beer, here is the square feet of barley per:
12 oz
8 oz
Half barrel
Case (24) of 16oz

Distillers Calculator Tutorial

Distillers Calculator

Mash Bill


For your spirit, here is the square feet of grain per:
Total Batch

Participation in the SQFT Project is available to members of the NGA. 

  1. If you are not already, become a member (link) of the Northeast Grainshed Alliance 
  2. Sign-up through online FORM (link) 
  3. View Calculator tutorial intro video and  video specific to product
  4. Use Calculators to determine the # SQFT in product
  5. Report the #SQFT to the SQFT Project Leader to place on SQFT Logo
  6. Receive SQFT logo (through a personal dropbox link) to place on product/packaging
  7. Keep records (receipts of NE grain purchases) for annual audit with the SQFT Project Team

Fill out yearly Google FORM Audit (link)

The NGA is in the process of Certification Marking the SQFT Logo. 

The SQFT logo certifies that this product was produced using grains grown on “X” SQFT farmland in the northeast. “