The Northeast Grainshed: Raising the Grain

is a Northeast grain-growing region with its own infrastructure and identity, in which people understand the benefits of growing and eating local grains, and products made with local grains, are mainstream and accessible to all.

 is to increase demand for Northeast grains by:

(1) Building a cohesive network that enhances collaboration between local growers, processors, and makers

(2) Increasing awareness and understanding of the value of regional grains by unifying the Northeast grains network under a single brand, with a coordinated communications and policy advocacy strategy. 

Inclusivity: We welcome, respect, and value the wide diversity of people, businesses, and traditions that comprise our grainshed.

Collaboration: We seek to share, partner, and deepen relationships as a strategy for success, recognizing that we are all interdependent. 

Visibility: We believe that every manner of work involved in the grain value chain deserves to be seen and known, and that transparency is a key component of a healthy food system.

Action: We take action to challenge the status quo, to build a diverse membership and leadership, and create a powerful and supportive platform for social change in our food system.