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Clover Hill Farm

Gilbertville, MA

In addition to our locally-grown livestock grains, we also grow alternative small grains for brewing, malting, and other uses. We work in collaboration with several local businesses. 

Comer Farm

Farmington, CT

Comer Farm, LLC of Farmington, CT, raises small grains, hay and straw. Our goal is to add locally grown grain to local products.

Domoy Farms

Oakfield, NY

Domoy Farms is diversified grain and vegetable farm located in Western New York managed by family and one full time employee.

Migliorelli Farm

Tivoli, NY

A family farm in “the valley” based in Tivoli, NY. Visit one of our three farm stands or many farmers markets from Rhinebeck, NY to New York City.

Domoy Farms

Oakfield, NY

Domoy Farms is diversified grain and vegetable farm located in Western New York managed by family and one full time employee.

Morrill Farm Dairy

Penacook, NH

Morrill Farm Dairy is a family farm located in Penacook, NH. Today the third and fourth generation operate the farm and the fifth generation supervises!

Oechsner Farms

Newfield, NY

We farm 1200 acres of corn, winter and spring wheat, buckwheat, rye, soybeans, clover, hay and cover crops throughout Tompkins County in the Finger Lakes. We process, clean, and ship food-grade grains ready for small flour mills, bakeries, malthouses, distilleries and breweries to use. Soil health is also one of our top priorities.

Poormon Farms

Seneca Falls, NY

We partner with malsters and brewers to provide the highest quality barley that will produce the best tasting craft beverages. We work closely with Cornell University & Hartwick College on variety and fertility trials to find the most productive farming methods for producing barley in the Finger Lakes Region.

Thornhill Farm

Greensboro, VT

To steward the land through organic principles that nurture the soil and produce grain, elderberries and timber, employing people and supporting the community. Honoring the traditions of Vermont, Scotland, Maine, New York State, Sweden, Quebec, France, and other agricultural communities that inspire our work with grain, elderberries, spirits and bread. 

Rusted Rooster Farm

Parkman, ME

Rusted Rooster, where humans, animals, crops & machinery live together in harmony. Rusted Rooster Farm has gradually added crops until today, they produce a whopping six different varieties of grain, two cover crops for seed, two varieties of flint corn, three types of dry beans, hay, and straw.


Ground Up

Hadley, MA

Stone Milled Flours – Making flour local again. With careful attention on selecting the best varieties for each type of flour, we are able to create flours that perform consistently for your breads, cakes, pizza, and special family cookie recipes. We take quality to another level by Stone Milling with our New American Mill to preserve the freshness and flavor from each kernel of grain. s

One Mighty Mill

Lynn, MA

WE’RE BRINGING BACK WHEAT YOU CAN EAT! With wheat grown in Linneus, Maine and ground every day in Lynn, Massachusetts, we make bagels, tortillas, and pretzels with fresh, stone-ground flour.

River Valley Community Grains

Washington, NJ

River Valley Community Grains is proud to offer a growing list of highest quality grain products. Check our social media to find out when we’ll be at the following markets in New Jersey, or contact us directly for pricing and availability.

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Blue Ox Malthouse

Lisbon Falls, ME

Blue Ox Malthouse seeks to push the possibilities of craft beer and spirits and support Maine agriculture by providing high quality Maine-made malt. Reinvigorating a centuries old craft, we are committed growing the connection between brewers and farmers while striving to grow communities and serve as a model for sustainable and environmental practices.

Hudson Valley Malt

Germantown, NY

At Hudson Valley Malt, we create malt the old school heritage way. We are an artisan craft Malthouse in Germantown New York. The exciting growth of the craft breweries and distilleries that surround us gets us fired-up and inspired!

Murmuration Malts

Bloomfield, NY

We modify locally sourced New York State grains in our single vessel malt system.  A deliberate no hurry approach enables us to adapt our malting process to the character of the raw material encouraging the grains’ finest modification. 

Subversive Malting

Catskill, NY

We deeply believe that a true regional grain economy is not just possible, but vitally necessary in the 21st Century. By keeping all our malt production in-house, we’re able to focus on our raw material selection from top to bottom, and we’re able to tweak recipes by tweaking our malts! 

Thrall Family Malt

Windsor, CT

We produce a variety of malts as well as flaked and heirloom grains for our customers. Each batch is processed on site in our malt house. Once a tobacco warehouse, this modern facility enables our skilled and knowledgeable maltster to create single-batch craft malt through precise, efficient computerized monitoring of the multi-day, multi-step process. 

Valley Malt

Hadley, MA

Taking a seed from what appears to be a lifeless, hard, and bitter tasting kernel into a toasty, friable, and sweet treat is alchemy. Malting requires the discipline of a scientist, the back of a mule, the wonder of an artist, and the humor of a grumpy grandpa. As maltsters, we strive to best express the flavor and character that comes from each farm and each batch of grain.


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Greenport, NY
Everett, MA
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Portland, ME
Maynard, MA
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