Northeast Grain Directory

This directory is made possible by Wormtown Brewery and Northeast Grainshed Collaborative Beer
  • farm

    Aurora Mills & Farm LLC

    Linneus , ME

    Offering local & organic grains to restaurants, bakeries, distributors, breweries & institutions for over two decades!

    To continue to grow high-quality organic grain for Northeast food producers.

  • farm

    Benlauk Farms

    Locke , NY

    Products Sold – Sweet corn,
    Potatoes, Garlic, Pumpkins,
    Squash, Apples, Various
    Vegetables, and Grains.

    Contact: Thane Benson
  • farm

    Breathe Deep Farm

    Claverack , NY

    We grow organic grains to build soil, preserve habitat, and feed the Hudson Valley.

    Collaborate, invite members and others to tour our farm (COVID permitting)

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    Buck Farms Grains

    Mapleton , ME

    At Buck Farms Grains, we specialize in high quality food grains. Our full grain cleaning and conditioning line, storage, and packaging services allow us to provide our customers with the cleanest grains year round. We work with different trucking companies to ensure the most efficient delivery of our products at the lowest cost any time of year. Whether you need it in bulk, super-sacks, or in 50 lb bags, we've got you covered. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs!

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    Clover Hill Farm

    Gilbertville , MA

    In addition to our locally-grown livestock grains, we also grow alternative small grains for brewing, malting, and other uses. We work in collaboration with several local businesses.

  • farm

    Cold Brook Farm

    Oldwick , NJ

    Cold Brook Farm is an organic farm dedicated to regenerative farming practices and sustainable land use. We are passionate about maximizing the biodiversity and health of the land that surrounds our zero-energy home, and we hope to assist others in learning about sustainable, net-zero living.

  • farm

    Comer Farm

    Farmington , CT

    Comer Farm, LLC of Farmington, CT, raises small grains, hay and straw. Our goal is to add locally grown grain to local products.

    Grow a Bumper Crop

  • farm

    Domoy Farms

    Oakfield , NY

    Domoy Farms is diversified grain and vegetable farm located in Western New York managed by family and one full time employee.

  • farm

    Ever-Growing Family Farm

    Ulster Park , NY

    ...You have my sword? (LOTR reference) We are a rice farm in NY, our existence is commitment.

  • farm

    Fat Sheep Farm

    Hartland , VT

    Selected as Vermont’s best farm stay by Yankee Magazine, Fat Sheep Farm & Cabins offers a unique lodging experience on our working farm. Located on 60 acres in Hartland, Vermont, we are only 11 miles south of Woodstock and Quechee, and close to many Upper Valley tourist destinations.

  • farm

    Homestead Farm Rehoboth

    Rehoboth , MA

    we stive to bring to our Farm country store as many local farm fresh items that we can all our meats are born and raised all nataral on the farm to help bring as much healthy eating to all our customers.

  • farm

    Kast Farms, Inc.

    Albion , NY

    To continue to grow high quality malt barley for our local malt houses and distillers.

    Contact: John Kast
  • farm

    Migliorelli Farm

    Tivoli , NY

    A family farm in “the valley” based in Tivoli, NY. Visit one of our three farm stands or many farmers markets from Rhinebeck, NY to New York City.

  • farm

    Montclair Community Farms

    Montclair , NJ

    Educating and engaging the community through farm, food and health.
    Montclair Community Farms is a local non-profit. Our mission is to serve as a local hands-on resource that engages and educates the community through urban farming, affordable food access and healthy living. At the heart of Montclair Community Farms is its Coalition, partners, and community volunteers.

  • farm

    Morningstar Farm

    Glover , VT

    Seth and Jeannette Johnson farm 70 acres of certified organic land in the Northeast Kingdom in Glover, VT. They have been farming for 9 years and grow dry beans, oats, wheat, vegetables, beef, and hay. They love being able to provide food for themselves, their neighbors and others who appreciate great quality. We offer a selection of their dry bean varieties, which are as beautiful as they are delicious. Try their mottled red King of the Early beans in homemade baked beans or the creamy Yellow Eye beans in soup. Morningstar beans are so fresh that they require much less soaking time than regular dried beans.

  • farm

    Morrill Farm Dairy

    Penacook , NH

    Morrill Farm Dairy is a family farm located in Penacook, NH. Today the third and fourth generation operate the farm and the fifth generation supervises!

    Farm Visits

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    NEK Grains

    Lower Waterford , VT

    Vermont-grown whole wheat berries and stone-milled flour.

  • farm

    Nitty Gritty Grain Company of Vermont

    Charlotte , VT

    We are farmers. We grow what we sell.

    At Nitty Gritty, we believe grain should be held to the same standard as the rest of your plate. As it has become customary to ask where our meat and vegetables are grown - why isn’t the same question asked of grain? Our wheat and corn is organically grown right here in Vermont, by our family.

    We started Nitty Gritty because we believe that small-batch grains taste better and are better for you. As the Vermont farmers behind the grain we sell, you can trust in the care we take to bring you the best quality product possible.

    Celebrate organic grain growing on social media!

  • farm

    Oechsner Farms

    Newfield , NY

    We farm 1200 acres of corn, winter and spring wheat, buckwheat, rye, soybeans, clover, hay and cover crops throughout Tompkins County in the Finger Lakes. We process, clean, and ship food-grade grains ready for small flour mills, bakeries, malthouses, distilleries and breweries to use. Soil health is also one of our top priorities.

  • farm

    Poormon Farms

    Seneca Falls , NY

    We partner with maltsters and brewers to provide the highest quality barley that will produce the best tasting craft beverages. We work closely with Cornell University & Hartwick College on variety and fertility trials to find the most productive farming methods for producing barley in the Finger Lakes Region.

    Sponsor an event

  • farm

    Rusted Rooster Farm

    Parkman , ME

    Rusted Rooster, where humans, animals, crops & machinery live together in harmony. Rusted Rooster Farm has gradually added crops until today, they produce a whopping six different varieties of grain, two cover crops for seed, two varieties of flint corn, three types of dry beans, hay, and straw.

  • farm

    Schiltz Farms

    Nicholville , NY

  • farm

    Still River Farm

    Coventry , CT

  • farm

    Thornhill Farm

    Greensboro , VT

    To steward the land through organic principles that nurture the soil and produce grain, elderberries and timber, employing people and supporting the community. Honoring the traditions of Vermont, Scotland, Maine, New York State, Sweden, Quebec, France, and other agricultural communities that inspire our work with grain, elderberries, spirits and bread.

  • farm

    Tuckaway Farm

    Lee , NH

    Work with local bakers and chefs to determine what qualities they are looking for in varieties, quantify amounts/crop space required for desired partnerships, expand and refine local infrastructure for cleaning and storage, purchase mill (!!!!) for processing our and other local farms' cereal grains cooperatively... host on farm visits with farmers and bakers/chefs/brewers...

    Contact: Sarah Cox
  • farm

    Wildcraft Farms

    Bethel , NY

    We Bring the Farm to You. We produce high-quality, New York State grown non-GMO and Heirloom corn varieties right here on our farm in Sullivan County.

  • mill

    Ground Up

    Hadley , MA

    Stone Milled Flours – Making flour local again. With careful attention on selecting the best varieties for each type of flour, we are able to create flours that perform consistently for your breads, cakes, pizza, and special family cookie recipes. We take quality to another level by Stone Milling with our New American Mill to preserve the freshness and flavor from each kernel of grain.

  • mill

    Maine Grains, Inc.

    Skowhegan , ME

  • mill

    Middle Brook Mill

    Jefferson , NY

    locally grown and lovingly prepared heritage grains and goods.

  • mill

    New American Stone Mills

    Wolcott , VT

    Our goal is to build mills for a community of stone millers and baker millers who bring fresh-milled flour to their products and source grain from local farmers.

  • mill

    One Mighty Mill

    Lynn , MA

    WE’RE BRINGING BACK WHEAT YOU CAN EAT! With wheat grown in Linneus, Maine and ground every day in Lynn, Massachusetts, we make bagels, tortillas, and pretzels with fresh, stone-ground flour.

    To have milled 1,000,000 lb local organic wheat by the end of 2023 (since our inception in 2018). 

  • mill

    Plimoth Grist Mill @ Plimoth Patuxet Museums

    Plymouth , MA

    At our reconstruction of the Plymouth Colonists’ original 1636 mill on Town Brook, take a fascinating look at the mill’s history and workings, from the 200-year-old millstones grinding corn to the ecology of the brook that has powered mills throughout the centuries. Be sure to take home some of our freshly stone-ground organic cornmeal. It’s a taste to give thanks for!

  • mill

    River Valley Community Grains

    Long Valley , NJ

    River Valley Community Grains is proud to offer a growing list of highest quality grain products. Check our social media to find out when we’ll be at the following markets in New Jersey, or contact us directly for pricing and availability.

  • mill

    Seneca Grain & Bean

    Penn Yan , NY

  • malts

    Blue Ox Malthouse

    Lisbon Falls , ME

    Blue Ox Malthouse seeks to push the possibilities of craft beer and spirits and support Maine agriculture by providing high quality Maine-made malt. Reinvigorating a centuries old craft, we are committed growing the connection between brewers and farmers while striving to grow communities and serve as a model for sustainable and environmental practices.

  • malts

    Hudson Valley Malt

    Germantown , NY

    At Hudson Valley Malt, we create malt the old school heritage way. We are an artisan craft Malthouse in Germantown New York. The exciting growth of the craft breweries and distilleries that surround us gets us fired-up and inspired!

    Dennis and I pledge to do the following over 2020: create a press release focused on our participation in the Northeast Grainshed, be a part of the NE Grainshed collaboration, visit a new farm, visit a mill, continue to promote activity and knowledge on social media, continue to educate brewers and distillers to the use of local grains, assert more participation from Brewers/Distillers regarding Cornell Field Days and gather consumers to visit Greenmarket Grain Pop-ups and other related events.

  • malts

    Murmuration Malts

    Bloomfield , NY

    We modify locally sourced New York State grains in our single vessel malt system. A deliberate no hurry approach enables us to adapt our malting process to the character of the raw material encouraging the grains’ finest modification.

  • malts

    Rabbit Hill Farms

    Connect on social media

    Contact: Hillary Barile
  • malts

    Thrall Family Malt

    Windsor , CT

    We produce a variety of malts as well as flaked and heirloom grains for our customers. Each batch is processed on site in our malt house. Once a tobacco warehouse, this modern facility enables our skilled and knowledgeable maltster to create single-batch craft malt through precise, efficient computerized monitoring of the multi-day, multi-step process.

    Help with variety trials. Host a Grainshed event. Contribute to Grainshed collaborations.

  • malts

    Turner Hill Malting Company

    South Egremont , MA

    Continue to utilize regionally grown grains in production. Promote and educate about the ingredients in local products and the importance to our local economies.

  • malts

    Valley Malt

    Hadley , MA

    Taking a seed from what appears to be a lifeless, hard, and bitter tasting kernel into a toasty, friable, and sweet treat is alchemy. Malting requires the discipline of a scientist, the back of a mule, the wonder of an artist, and the humor of a grumpy grandpa. As maltsters, we strive to best express the flavor and character that comes from each farm and each batch of grain.

  • malts

    Vermont Malthouse

    Charlotte , VT

    Established through a purchase of proprietary assets, Vermont Malthouse came into being in 2021. A team of experts brought together by Owner Will Raap; Rob Hunter, Jamie Dragon and Rob Liedl combined forces to retool malting equipment to new and updated standards, and are now producing and selling locally sourced grain based pilsner and pale malt to breweries and distillers of distinction. Plans are in place for 2022 to expand capacity and enable a wider range of malt offerings. Currently, we offer sampling and tours to commercial brewers and distillers by appointment.

  • bakery

    Montclair , NJ

    We are a small, family run, artisanal bakery located in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey. Our focus is on naturally leavened, French rustic breads and viennoiseries using only natural ingredients. We also offer French macarons, éclairs as well as light savory items for grab and go.

  • bakery

    A&J King Artisan Bakers

    Salem , MA

    Increasing the percentage of regionally sourced grains that we already use in our products.

  • bakery

    Abe's Bread and Pastries

    Monsey , NY

    I pledge to use local grain and flour in all my products

  • bakery

    Bank Street Bakery

    St. Albans , VT

  • bakery

    Belmont Market

    Wakefield , RI

    Fresh From Our Family To Yours – Since 1947

  • bakery

    Berkshire Mountain Bakery

    Housatonic , MA

    To learn more about and source more local grain.

    Contact: Dennis Iodice
  • bakery

    Bicycle Mill Baking Co.

    Bristol , VT

  • bakery

    Birchtree Bread Co.

    Worcester , MA

    Membership, Connect on social media, Malthouse visit, Make 100% local product, Grainshed Calculator, Contract, Staff Education, Grainshed logo on label, Sq ft on label, farm visist, mill visit, educate customers, write an article

  • bakery

    Blacksmith's Breads

    Long Beach , NY

  • bakery

    Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse

    Milford , NJ

    Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is a regenerative & sustainable, 100% grass-fed family farm. We create foods that nourish people in harmony with nature.

  • bakery

    Bonny Breads

    Beverly , MA

  • bakery

    Bread Alone Bakery

    Lake Katrine , NY

  • bakery

    Breadboard Bakery

    Arlington , MA

    I pledge my commitment!

  • bakery

    Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen

    Fairfax , VT

    Host and organize events and classes for members and the public on baking & cooking with local grains, be a bridge to connect students and the public with small scale grain growers and farmers in the region to raise awareness and educate.

  • bakery

    Clear Flour Bakery

    Brookline , MA

    Incorporating and highlighting local grain into our existing bread and pastry line.

  • bakery

    Eight Mile Meadow

    Deep River , CT

    I pledge to incorporate local grains into my fresh breads and pastas and to highlight their use in all social media, advertising and menus.

  • bakery

    Elmore Mountain Bread

    Wolcott , VT

    Continue working with local organic grain growers to utilize all that they grow and educate our customers on the importance of a local grain economy.

  • bakery

    Farmers and Cooks

    Warren , CT

  • bakery


    New Paltz , NY

    Welcome to FLOUR + JOY Microbakery, in New Paltz, NY
    I'm Ro, and I want to bake for you.

    I think it is possible to thoughtfully and purposefully bring real fresh baked goods back into our lives.

    I propose we take some flour, add a little joy, mix with friends and community, and see where this journey can take us.

    Minimum of 30% Northeast Grains, with increases over time. 


  • bakery

    Foggy Mountain Pasta

    Made with unique, organic, 
heritage-grain flours, so each and every bite is flavorful and fulfilling, no matter how you choose to eat it.

  • bakery

    Juniper Cottage Bake Shop

    Newmarket , NH

    Mill local grain

    Contact: Sönke Dornblut
  • bakery


    Westport , CT

    Kneads is a small family run bakery, cafe, and flour mill in Westport, CT featuring freshly milled local flour using our New American Stone Mill. We produce 100% whole grain organic flour which can be found in our unique selection of fresh artisan breads and pastries baked on site daily.

    Our cafe offers a quick, sit down service, as well as to-go breakfast and lunch options, served alongside Irving Farm Coffee and In Pursuit of Tea.

    We strive to provide a casual, but memorable, eating experience and a place where family and friends can gather to satisfy their Kneads!

  • bakery

    LMNOP Bakery

    Westchester County , NY

    BAKE MORE 100% local grain bread and spread the word on good stuff!

  • bakery

    Loafing Around LLC

    South Kingston , RI

    Incorporating local grain into an existing dish/creating an entirely new one

  • bakery

    Mel the Bakery

    New York , NY

  • bakery

    My little bakery

    Duxbury , MA

    Incorporate non bread quality wheat into other items

  • bakery

    Night Moves Bread + Pie

    Biddeford , ME

  • bakery

    O'Regan Breads

    Manchester , NH

    Where you can find O'Regan Breads

    Here's a list of where & when you can find O'Regan Breads products.  Please follow the links for more information about your local market, as markets can be cancelled for various reasons.  Signing up for our email list (below) will give you the most accurate information.

    Pelham NH Farmers Market

    SATURDAYS  |  10:00am - 2:00pm​

    Visit their Facebook page.

    Milford NH Farmers Market

    SATURDAYS  |  10:00am - 1:00pm

    Visit their Facebook page.

    Visit their website.

    Nashua NH Farmers Market

    SUNDAYS  |  10:00am - 2:00pm

    Visit their Facebook page.

    Billerica MA Farmers Market

    MONDAYS  |  3:00pm - 7:00pm

    Visit their Facebook page.

    Visit their website..

  • bakery

    Patchwork Farm & Bakery

    East Hardwick , VT

  • bakery

    Rise Bread and Bakehouse

    Honeoye Falls , NY

    I pledge to use and promote northeastern grains and grain products in my baked goods and in my writing.

  • bakery

    Rising Above Bakery

    Chestnut Ridge , NY

    Rising Above Bakery, Inc is a non-profit organization (501(c) (3). We provide baking classes in an inclusive environment. Our mission is to employ individuals with special needs as equal members of our team. We are currently located in Chestnut Ridge, NY. We strive to create an inclusive community of individuals learning and working together. We believe in the abilities and skills each individual brings to this job and would like to share our beliefs with the greater community.

  • bakery

    Rustic Bread LLC

    Port Jefferson , NY

  • bakery

    Shore Line Yeast

    Source and use Grainshed grains in my bread baking, and promote Northeast Grainshed as part of the solution for restoring a thriving, healthy interdependent community.

  • bakery

    Sofia's Feast

    Sofia’s Feast

  • bakery

    South County Bread Company

    Wakefield , RI

    An authentic local bakery, specializing in artisan breads, pastries, and other fine foods. Offering a variety of locally made, and ethically sourced goods to pair with our daily offerings. We are proud to say, each baked good is made in house by our amazing, bright, and just plain wonderful staff.

  • bakery

    Standard Bagel Company LLC

    Easthampton , MA

    We pledge to use 100% Northeast grown grain for all of the bagels.

  • bakery

    The Hudson Oven

    Ossining , NY

  • bakery

    Triple Green Jade Farm

    Willsboro , NY

    Hi! We’re Dan and Kimmy Rivera and we’re bringing an old farm back to life in the Adirondacks, and we’re doing it with good bread.

    We built a wood-fired bread oven in our garage (now known as The Breadery) and we sell our hand-made, wild fermented artisan breads at farmers’ markets, local stores and restaurants.

    This enables us to fund the continued renovations on our barn and farm that hasn’t seen use since it was an operating dairy back in the 1980’s.

    We are continually increasing the amount of local whole grains into our products.

  • bakery

    Vermont Grain Collaborative At Naga Bakehouse

    Middletown Springs , VT

    Bring back small scale milling infrastructure to our region!

  • bakery

    Vermont Tortilla Company

    Shelburne , VT

    Our mission at the Vermont Tortilla Company is to use locally sourced organic corn, so we can support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

    I will source local whenever possible. I currently do.

  • bakery

    Wild Blue Oven

    Greensboro , VT

    Highlight the use of Northeast grown, milled grain in my bread. Help to build a thriving regional grain economy in the Northeast by supporting grain growers and processors and helping to educate consumers about the importance of healthy, local food and soils.

  • distillery

    Mad River Distillers

    Warren , VT

    Highlight the concept of the NE grainshed when educating consumers about the source of our whiskey ingredients.

  • distillery

    Matchbook Distilling Company

    Greenport , NY

    Make 100 Percent Local Products

  • distillery

    Scout Vineyards

    Penn Yan , NY

    We are a family-owned and operated farm winery located on the western shore of Seneca Lake. Scout Vineyards was established in 2017 by the Budmen and Todd families. In 2018 we purchased a 16-acre organic farm. Today our land is farmed by Klaas and Peter Martens of Lakeview Organic Grain. Our focus is on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as these are the wines we find complement a wide diversity of cuisine and are most reflective of the place they are grown.

  • distillery

    Short Path Distillery

    Everett , MA

    Farm visit. Malthouse visit. 100% local grain product. staff education. sq ft.

  • distillery

    Silo Distillery

    Windsor , VT

    Increasing the number of Northeast farms we purchase from.
    Educating consumers about local grains and our relationship to them.

  • distillery

    South Hollow Spirits

    North Truro , MA

    South Hollow Spirits is a place for pioneers. Led by the team behind Truro Vineyards, our distillery is the first on Cape Cod since Prohibition, and we produce stand alone, small-batch spirits with a commitment to quality and flavor.

    We’re proud to distill our hand-crafted rums and gin using a 250 gallon copper pot and column still by Vendome, a family-owned copper works company with four generations of industry expertise. At our 2,000 square foot distillery, we’ve paired our passion for premium spirits with locally sourced ingredients to create products free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavorings.

  • brewery

    Allagash Brewing Company

    Portland , ME

    Continuing our commitment to use local small grains and to educate consumers about its importance.

  • brewery

    Amory's Tomb Brewing Co.

    Maynard , MA

    Expanding our usage of local NE grain, and promoting it prominently in our marketing and packaging

  • brewery

    Atlantic Brewing Company

    Bar Harbor , ME

  • brewery

    Belleflower Brewing Company

    Portland , ME

    We’re opening soon in Portland Maine!

    Follow us on Instagram to get updates.

    Belleflower is dedicated to using a much locally produced malt as possible.

  • brewery

    Big aLICe Brewing

    Long Island City , NY

    To continue brewing meaningful beers using up to 100% NY State grown ingredients, and to deepen the connection and personal relationships we share with our farmers and maltsters.

    Contact: Jon Kielty
  • brewery

    Bissell Brothers Brewing

    Portland , ME

    Highlighting the use of local grain and malt on our social media, menus, and packaging.

  • brewery

    Blasty Bough Brewing Company

    Epsom , NH

  • brewery

    CraftRoots Brewing

    Milford , MA

    Deepening our commitment to brewing with 100% locally-grown, locally-malted grain by more earnestly telling "the story of malt" and sharing through social media and taproom initiatives the positive impact sustainable agriculture has on our beer + community.

  • brewery

    Dam Brewhouse

    Campton , NH

    A community brewer in the heart of the community. Before prohibition, every community had a small brewery, a "Public House" where people would gather. Friends would meet, Ideas shared, and good times were enjoyed.

  • brewery

    Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company

    Framingham , MA

    To grow our local grain usage from 57K lbs in 2019 to 70K lbs in 2020 with an overall percentage growth of 5% to roughly 20%

  • brewery

    Foam Brewers

    Burlington , VT

    Founded in 2016 by an eclectic group of industry professionals with a shared appreciation for brewing, science, art, music, and culture. If you would like to get to know more about the individuals behind the brewery, stop on by for a little Foam.

  • brewery

    Hopmeadow Brewing Co.

    Avon , CT

    Hopmeadow Brewing Company pledges to use 50% local grains in all of our beers we brew! We will promote the use of using local products in our brewery, on our website and label.

  • brewery

    Kent Falls Brewing Company

    Kent , CT

    We strive to work with local farmers not only to create unique beers, but firmly re-establish the connection between brewing and agriculture in our area. The impact we aim to have on our environment is positive, better farming practices, viable crops for people to grow and run a business off of; not depleting the rich resources we have been given. The brewery and farm work together in several ways to reduce our footprint.

    100% Local grains, Farm visits, Malt house visits, education for our customers and packaging labels!

  • brewery

    Lookout Farm Brewing and Cider Co

    South Natick , MA

    Committing to seek out beer/spirits/baked goods made with local grains

  • brewery

    Outland Farm Brewery

    Pittsfield , ME

  • brewery

    Redemption Rock Brewing Co.

    Worcester , MA

    Malthouse visit, staff education, sq ft on label, make 100% local product, also probably more stuff

  • brewery

    Screamin' Hill Brewery

    Ridge , NJ

    Continue efforts to grow all of our own base malt while promoting local grain on social media. We strive to constantly educate our consumers about the value of local grain in beer.

  • brewery

    Steuben Brewing Company

    Hammondsport , NY

  • brewery

    Strong Rope Brewery

    Brooklyn , NY

    Educate our customers more about Northeast Grainshed producers

  • brewery

    Subversive Malting & Brewing

    Catskill , NY

    Subversive Malting + Brewing is a true farmhouse brewery crafting beers from 100% locally sourced ingredients and house-made malts at the foot of the Catskill Mountains.

  • brewery

    Time & Materials Beer Co.

    Reading , MA

    Time & Materials is a family-owned nano-brewery based in Reading, MA that believes in producing unpretentious beer with local ingredients.

  • brewery

    Titled Barn Brewery

    Exeter , RI

    We’re Kara & Matt Richardson, and we’re the owners of Tilted Barn Brewery, Rhode Island’s original farm brewery. Along with our amazing Barn Crew, we’ve been cranking out beer on our family farm since 2014 in Exeter, Rhode Island.

  • brewery

    Trillium Brewing Company

    Boston , MA

    Support everyone growing or utilizing local grains in a coordinated campaign.

  • brewery

    Waterman's Beach Brewery

    South Thomaston , ME

  • brewery

    Wildbloom Beer

    Henniker , NH

  • brewery

    Woodstacker Beer Company

    Derry , NH

    There is a time to stack and a time to slack.

  • brewery

    Wormtown Brewery

    Worcester , MA

    At Wormtown Brewery, we are committed to brewing world-class beers using locally sourced ingredients regardless of cost. Our motto “A Piece of Mass in Every Glass” means our beers are crafted with the freshest ingredients for the freshest beer. This dedication to quality over quantity has earned us over 180 awards worldwide for a vast collection of recipes; but if it’s a premier IPA you are looking for, we know how to make you Be Hoppy®!

    Connect on social, Promote grains on menu 5% commitment Plan a collaboration Contract

  • brewery

    Wunderkammer Biermanufaktur

    Albany , VT

    Wunderkammer Biermanufaktur is a small-batch brewery located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Their brewing is inspired by the simplicity and subtlety of the natural world around me, as well as the agrarian roots of brewing traditions. Their goal is creating elegant expressions of beauty that evoke time and place.

  • restaurant


    Cambridge , MA

  • restaurant

    Clover Food Lab

    Cambridge , MA

    Clover Food Lab is committed to the Northeast Grainshed effort and excited to be part of its inaugural year. We have long supported the use and growth of local grain - it just makes sense!! We will continue to do so and grow our efforts wherever we are able, work on speaking up about our efforts to encourage others to follow suit, and educate our customers and staff through events and digital + in-person communication.

  • restaurant


    Marthas Vineyard , MA

    Epicure is a farm to sandwich food business on Martha’s Vineyard, led by Naji Boustany. The Levantine-centric menu features fresh bread baked on a saj, a convex steel griddle. Sandwiches are the core of the offerings in this food trailer-based venture, which launches Summer 2021. Try grilled Mediterranean chicken taouk with pickles and toum, spiced kafta, roasted cauliflower, and simply delicious savory zaatar, Naji’s herb and spice blend that includes sesame seeds and Lebanese thyme. This summer, find Epicure at backyard dinners and catering events. Levantine spice and herb blends available for sale soon!

    Contact: Naji Boustany
  • restaurant

    Hindsight BBQ

    Waterbury , CT

    Brewing a Beer with all CT

  • restaurant

    Row 34

    Boston , MA

  • restaurant

    Ruthies BBQ & Pizza

    Montclair , NJ

  • restaurant

    The Dirty Truth

    Northampton , MA

    Continue to purchase and serve Beer made with local grains. Change over to all local grain flour by end of the year in kitchen. Continue to host events highlighting local grain, malt houses, and brewers that use local grain. Set up staff trips to local malt house and brewers using local grain. Create marker on menu that indicates beer or food using local grain.

  • friend

    5th Quarter Foods

    Somerville , MA

    A regenerative food business consultant.

    Contact: Sam Garwin
  • friend

    A Taste for Grain

    Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

    I pledge to continue using local grain and shouting from the rooftops that everyone should do the same!

    Contact: Marc-André Cyr
  • friend

    Amanda DeWald

    Delhi , NY

    Deepening commitment to baking with local grains for friends and family, to continued learning, and to dedicating time and talents toward the cause!

  • friend

    Amber Black

    Southampton , MA

    Increase my knowledge of local, including wild, sources of grain and products made with locally grown grain.

  • friend

    Amina Shabani

  • friend

    Anne Muskopf

    Roxbury , MA

    use local grains and promote among home bakers, highlight on instagram.

  • friend


    Hudson , NY

    Contact: Alexandria Lunt
  • friend

    Ben Sanford

    North Haven , CT

    Local Grain Use and Support NEG

  • friend

    Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Hudson Fallls , NY

    Contact: Aaron Gabriel
  • friend

    Craft Beer Cellar

    Belmont , MA

  • friend

    Denise and Bill Barry

    Shelburne , MA

    Learn more about local grains.

  • friend

    Diana Haghighat

    Committing to seek out more local grains for home consumption

  • friend

    Donna Worthen

    Bristol , NH

    I pledge to seek out local grains for my home baking and to spread the word about this organization.

  • friend

    Emily Meseck

    Far Hills , NJ

  • friend

    Henry Blair

    Hinesburg , VT

    Using local grains in my own kitchen as much as possible and sharing with friends and family the many benefits of using and supporting local grains.

  • friend

    Laura Huss

    Learning about, supporting, and spreading the word about local grains.

  • friend

    Maine Grain Alliance

    Skowhegan , ME

    To assist in your efforts

    Contact: Tristan Noyes
  • friend

    Maria Speck

    Author of SIMPLY ANCIENT GRAINS and ANCIENT GRAINS for MODERN MEALS — whole grains only
    Winner Julia Child + M.F.K Fisher cookbook award.

  • friend

    Nina Brondmo

    Sweetwater , NY

  • friend

    Ohara Farm

    Schuyler Falls , NY

    Contact: Dennis Ohara
  • friend

    Teri Culletto

    Vineyard Haven , MA

    Vineyard Baker - bread and workshops.

    read books on grains, volunteer, spread the word , bake tons more bread with local grains, farm visits,(love that!) use the grainshed label when I can. education of grains and local economy, help with administrative duties if needed.

    Contact: Teri Culletto
  • friend

    The Bineyard

    Cazenovia , NY

    Committing to seeking out beer/spirits/baked goods made with local grains

  • friend

    Timber Baking

    Brookline , MA

    We pledge to continue to advocate for bakers to use grains from the Northeast Grainshed, and to offer education and assistance when needed to support them in making that transition.

  • friend

    Walden Mutual

    Concord , NH

    We believe anyone can make positive and lasting change in our local food ecosystem.

  • friend

    Willard Brooks

    Williamsville , NY

    Mill Visit

  • friend


    Cambridge , MA

    Incorporating local grain into my recipes and encouraging my readers/followers to do the same

    Contact: Andrew Janjigian
  • sponsor

    Center for an Agricultural Economy

    Hardwick , VT

    To champion local grain and support the people involved in all aspects of the local grainshed.

  • sponsor

    Cornell University

    Ithaca , NY

    Research Member

    Contact: Mark Sorrells
  • sponsor

    Cornell University

    Ithaca , NY

    Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section

    Serve as a source of grain disease and mycotoxin diagnosis and management expertise to the NE Grainshed Community

    Contact: Gary C. Bergstrom
  • sponsor

    Flour Ambassador

    Contact: Amy Halloran
  • sponsor

    Hartwick College Center for Craft Food and Beverage

    Oneonta , NY

    Contact: Aaron MacLeod
  • sponsor

    Tiny Seed Project

  • sponsor

    University of Maine

    Research Member

    Contact: Ellen Mallory
  • upcycler

    Brewer's Crackers

    Somerville , MA

    I pledge to use local excess bran from flour processing and locally milled flour.

  • upcycler

    Upcycle Edibles

    Peabody , MA

    We work with local farms, distributors, manufacturers, and eateries to reduce the environmental impact of our local food system by transforming consumable waste into craveable culinary products. Below are our core products but watch out for us as we have many more products in development.

    Incorporate upcycled local grains into cravable culinary products.

    Contact: Paul W Booras

    Does your business grow, mill, malt, bake, brew, distill or serve local grains grown in the Northeast?

    Become a member today and your business will be added to our grain directory!