Emily Cayer (Program Coordinator) 

Emily grew up knee-deep in the streams, swamps, and lakes near her home in Amherst, Massachusetts. Exploring the woods on her horse, and studying turtles and frogs, evolved into a career as a biologist and conservation program coordinator in Montana for over 20 years and as a Threatened, Endangered, and Diversity program coordinator with Alaska Fish and Game until 2018. Her work bringing traditional cattle ranchers, non-government organizations, and state and federal agencies together with the common goal of saving a native Montana fish, was the highlight of her career. This opportunity instilled in her a passion for bringing people together for a common cause. After 24 years in the west, she returned east, to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont – and lives in a small cabin on a 300-acre sugar maple mountain with her partner and her dog. She loves to be outside, hike, fish, read and bake bread. 

Her work with the Northeast Grainshed has been incredibly rewarding and she is looking forward to bringing her enthusiasm and experience to help the wonderful, hard-working, and passionate farmers, processors, bakers, brewers, distillers, educators, and researchers working together to revive the Northeast Grainshed.

Laura Stone (Outreach & Marketing Coordinator) 

Laura’s creative marketing goals are to help envision successful and sustainable growth while supporting each nonprofit, and program she works with as it grows into its full fruition. She has over 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit world, as both director and program coordinator for numerous arts, nature, and literary-based programs. She is the director of “Tiny Seed Project” and owns and operates Wise Designs, a web, and graphic design company. 

Laura designed the Northeast Grainshed logo, the SQFT (square foot logo), the Neighbor Loaves logo, and designed and built the Northeast Grainshed website. The opportunity to work on these projects has been incredibly inspiring, and a real delight in learning all things grain-related. She is inspired by the passion found within the community of Northeast grain growers, processors, and ‘businesses to revitalize the Northeast grainshed and feels honored to be a part of this mission.

Hannah Smalls (Outreach Leader)

Hannah has a huge passion for local food systems and is currently a stay at home mom working hard on her dream to own land and become an organic farmer herself. She is a graduate from The Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food and Farming. Throughout her farming journey she has managed a small donation garden for the Stockbridge School, farm worker on a small community farm called Just Roots, and has apprenticed for The Trustees of Reservations on Chestnut Hill Farm. 

She is seriously committed to Northeast Grainshed, being one of the leaders in the Outreach team. She hopes her education and passion can be the dynamic duo needed to build up the solid framework of Northeast Grainshed.