One Mighty Mill Pledge:
Commited to visiting other Grainshed members with our team.
Exhibit ‘A’ Pledge:
to grow our local grain usage from 57K lbs in 2019 to 70K lbs in 2020 with an overall percentage growth of 5% to roughly 20%
River Valley Community Grains Pledge:
coming soon!

Murmuration Malts Pledge::
Increase our consumption of SqFt,
Promote the Northeast Grainshed, Contribute to Grainshed collaborations,

Educate brewers and consumers about local grains, Connect on Social Media, Use Grainshed calculator.
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Wormtown Pledge:
Connect on social media, Promote grains on menu, 5% commitment, Plan a collaboration Contract.

Trillium Pledge:
Support everyone growing or utilizing local grains in a coordinated campaign.

LMNOP Pledge:
BAKE MORE 100% local grain bread and spread the word on good stuff!
Kent Falls Pledge:
100% Local grains, Farm visits, Malt house visits, education for our customers and packaging labels!
Coming soon!

Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Thrall Family Malt Pledge:
Help with variety trials. Host a Grainshed event. Contribute to Grainshed collaborations.
Clear Flour Bakery Pledge:
Incorporating and highlighting local grain into our existing bread and pastry line.
Clover Hill Farms Pledge:
To grow farm profitable grains!

Bondir Restaurant Pledge:
Become a Grainshed member
The Bineyard Pledge:
Committing to seeking out beer/spirits/baked good made with local grains

Tag the type of grain and local mill in our social media –
showcasing the variety of grain in our sourdough breads.
Photos of the breads/products using local grain.
Gut health classes making sourdough products using local grain!
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Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Professor Gary Bergstrom Pledge:
Serve as a source of grain disease and mycotoxin diagnosis and management expertise to the NE Grainshed Community
ROW 34 Pledge:
We will make an effort to utilize local grains to the best of our ability, host Grainshed events,
promote staff education, and seek out some beers that utilize local ingredients.
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Teri Culleto Pledge:
read books on grains, volunteer, spread the word , bake tons more bread with local grains,
farm visits, (love that!) use the Grainshed label when I can. education of grains and local economy, help with administrative duties if needed.
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Professor Ellen Mallory Pledge:
Coming soon!
coming soon!
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– coming soon!

Timber Baking Pledge:
We pledge to continue to advocate for bakers to use grains from the Northeast Grainshed,
and to offer education and assistance when needed to support them in making that transition.
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Wildbloom Beer Pledge:
Using at least 50% local grain for all beer brewed.

Allagash Brewing Company Pledge:
Continuing our commitment to use local small grains and to educate consumers about its importance.

Redemption Rock Brewing Co. Pledge:
Malthouse visit, staff education, sq ft on label, make 100% local product, and more…

Bissell Brothers Brewing Pledge:
Highlighting the use of local grain and malt on our social media, menus, and packaging.
Craft Roots Brewing Pledge:
Deepening our commitment to brewing with 100% locally-grown, locally-malted grain
by more earnestly telling “the story of malt” and sharing through social media and taproom initiatives the positive impact sustainable agriculture has on our beer + community.
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Short Path Distillery Pledge:
Farm visit. Malthouse visit. 100% local grain product. staff education. sq ft.

Breadboard Bakery Pledge:
I pledge my commitment!
Matchbook Distilling Co. Pledge:
Make 100 Percent Local Products.

Blasty Bough Brewing Co. Pledge:
To seek out and support local growers of grains in the Merrimack valley.

Blue Ox Malthouse Pledge:
We pledge to work with more farms, grain types, and varieties in our area and to highlight the farms we work with more consistently!

Clover Food Lab Pledge:
Clover Food Lab is committed to the Northeast Grainshed effort and excited to be part of its inaugural year.
We have long supported the use and growth of local grain – it just makes sense!! We will continue to do so and grow our efforts wherever we are able, work on speaking up about our efforts to encourage others to follow suit, and educate our customers and staff through events and digital + in-person communication.
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Hudson Valley Malt Pledge:
Dennis and I pledge to do the following over 2020: create a press release focused on our participation in the Northeast Grainshed, be a part of the NE Grainshed colaboration,
visit a new farm, visit a mill, continue to promote activity and knowledge on social media, continue to educate brewers and distillers to the use of local grains, assert more participation from Brewers/Distillers regarding Cornell Field Days and gather consumers to visit Greenmarket Grain Pop-ups and other related events.
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Poormon Farms Pledge:
Sponsor an event

Morrill Farm Dairy LLC Pledge:
Farm Visit

Subversive Malting/ Brewing Pledge:
To add value to locally-sourced beverages by giving our customers a unique look into the malting process
while they drink our beers, connecting them to the agricultural roots of beer and helping them understand the supply chain.
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Comer Farm, LLC Pledge:
Grow a Bumper Crop

Thornhill Farm Pledge:
coming soon!
The Dirty Truth Pledge:
Continue to purchase and serve Beer made with local grains.
Change over to all local grain flour by end of the year in kitchen. Continue to host events highlighting local grain, malt houses, and brewers that use local grain. Set up staff trips to local malt house and brewers using local grain. Create marker on menu that indicates beer or food using local grain.
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Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen Pledge:
Host and organize events and classes for members and the public on baking & cooking with local grains,
be a bridge to connect students and the public with small scale grain growers and farmers in the region to raise awareness and educate.
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Eight Mile Meadow Pledge:
I pledge to incorporate local grains into my fresh breads and pastas and to highlight their use in all social media, advertising and menus.
Strong Rope Brewery Pledge:
Educate our customers more about Northeast Grainshed producers.
Outland Farm Brewery Pledge:
To use local malt in a majority of our beers, advertise our commitment in social media and menus, and host one event focused on the Grainshed and its efforts

Amory’s Tomb Brewing Pledge:
Expanding our usage of local NE grain, and promoting it prominently in our marketing and packaging.

Hopmeadow Brewing Company pledges: to use 50% local grains in all of our beers we brew! We will promote the use of using local products in our brewery, on our website and label.
My Little Bakery Pledge: Incorporate non bread quality wheat into other items
Domoy Farms Pledge:
coming soon!

more members coming soon!