Black History Month

Hey, y’all it’s Hannah here @soulfulsoils 👩🏾‍🌾 and I am an Outreach Leader for Northeast Grainshed Alliance. Today may mark the shortest month of the year, but it is still an opportunity to pay ode to the complicated and lengthy history of the Black and African American history of our country.
  1. The best way I find to connect our great regional grain system to the Black people’s beautiful and dark history is the amazing book Farming While Black @farmingwhileblack by Leah Penniman @leahpenniman @soulfirefarm 
  2.  Black people have paved the way for all farmers @poughkeepsiefarmproject has a perfect article elaborating on these contributions.
  3. @nofavermont Is offering a month-long virtual conference with over 20 workshops and amazing keynote speakers. All BIPOC farmers and attendees can register for FREE!
🌾We truly are all in this together. Let us educate ourselves and contribute to a harmonious future full of prosperity and local grains!🌾

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