Bakers Against Racism – Professional and Home Bakers Raise Money for Social Justice

Northeast Grainshed members Andrea Stanley and Neftali Duran are joining Bakers Against Racism, a global effort with over 1,000 bakers and chefs raising money for social justice.
From Andrea Stanley, founder of Ground Up Grain and Valley Malt, in Hadley, Massachusetts.
“As a small business in these times, we know how difficult it is right now and yet we all see so many of us caring, loving, and supporting for those experiencing even more difficulty. As privileged people living in a privileged community, our time has come to do everything we can to uproot and end racism here in our community and around the country.
Over the weekend we learned about the national effort #bakersagainstracism and decided this was one way we could activate our anger, frustration, and hunger to get to work and support change we want to see. We reach out to the organizers and got permission to join the project.
If you are interested in getting involved, we are looking for 30 businesses in the area to join us.
This is the Plan (suggestions welcome):
  • From June 15th-20th you can commit to baking a particular product of your choosing and donate 100% of the proceeds to The Peoples Fund  Mass Bail Fund or a BlackLivesMatter organization.
  • We will give you the flour to bake your item.
  • We will help promote and we will also host a Socially Distanced Bake Sale on June 20th in Hadley (location TBD most likely on the town common)
  • We will keep track of everyone’s efforts and tally up our impact to share with you.
  • You can sell the baked good through your normal sales channels: at your bakery, restaurant, delivery service, etc)
  • You can have a Virtual Bake Sale with drop off, pick up or mailing out.
  • You can join us in Hadley on June 20th for our Socially Distanced Bake Sale (flyer coming soon)
If you want to learn more, follow the hashtag #bakersagainstracism to see what other bakers, chefs, and home bakers are doing across the country and world. There are some beautiful baked goods that will make you drool.
Sign up if you want to participate and we will send you more details about how to do this.
Thank you and we hope to work together and bake up a better world for all.

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