Neighbor Loaves: A Local Grain Collaboration in New Jersey!

River Valley Community Grains, a Northeast Grainshed member in Long Valley, NJ has partnered with a farmer, baker, and food pantry to provide bread for people in need through the Neighbor Loaves program. This collaboration is supporting the entire grain supply chain in New Jersey- from soil to loaf. Here are the details of this inspiring story…

The wheat was grown at Ruthie’s Farm in Marksboro, and stone-milled into flour by River Valley Community Grains in Long Valley. Nutritious and delicious Neighbor loaves will be baked by Montclair Bread Company in Montclair using this fresh flour. Neighbor Loaves will be purchased by Montclair Bread Company’s customers and donated to Toni’s Kitchen, also in Montclair. People in need will enjoy the Neighbor Loaves, thanks to this incredible collaboration! 

Can you say positive, local feedback loop!


This is just the kind of collaboration that the Neighbor Loaves program is promoting!

Thanks to everyone involved with the Neighbor Loaves program in the Northeast! If you want to get involve or learn more check out our website or email us at

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