Grainshed Moment – Thor Oechsner

What was your Grainshed Moment?

(recorded at the Northeast Grainshed Symposium Jan 2020)

Thor Oechsner from Oechsner Farms sharing his Grainshed Moment (seated with Stefan Senders of Wide Awake Bakery).

Thor Oeschner of Oechsner Farms is a certified organic grain farm in Newfield, New York. We farm 1200 acres of corn, winter, and spring wheat, buckwheat, rye, soybeans, clover, hay and cover crops throughout Tompkins County in the Finger Lakes. We process, clean, and ship food-grade grains ready for small flour mills, bakeries, malthouses, distilleries and breweries to use. Soil health is also one of our top priorities.

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